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Niagara Falls is an unexpected Destination Wedding location

One of my greatest passions in life is traveling. I fully admit that I am not the type to stay on a beach resort lounging around. I like to discover the unique aspects of every country and culture. As a weddings and event planner there is nothing better then being able to combine my love of travel with my love of creating a fabulous event that people will remember for years.

Canadian planners sometimes forget the natural wonders we have in our own backyard. While Canadians are flying off to places like Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Vegas to have destination weddings many people are recognizing Canada as a dream destination location. Banff, Lake Louise, and Mont Tremblant are all amazing locations that people from all over the world travel to in order to get married.

A destination a little closer to home; for me at least; is Niagara Falls. Yes, I said it, Niagara Falls. You know, the place with the giant waterfall and then you turn around and "OH NO, WELL ISN'T THAT TACKY". For years the image below is what I thought of when I thought about Niagara Falls, Canada. Add some hotels, a couple of Casino's, an indoor water-park, a lot of American restaurant chains that oddly enough you can't find anywhere else in Canada and you have a virtual theme park created years ago to lure tourists to the Canadian side of the border.


Imagine my relief a few months ago when I was reminded that Niagara Falls, Canada has so much more to offer then the picture seen above. I actually did know there was an amazing park run by the Niagara Parks Commission. I knew there was a butterfly conservatory, a couple of enchanting golf clubs, a hot springs, and I knew the amazing history that surrounds the region. I guess living in Canada I knew all these things; but took it for granted so it wasn't top of mind. As an events planner I have a renewed enthusiasm for the place. I'm now in love with the venue's owned by the Niagara Parks Commission. I'm also in love with the the range of weddings that can be created in such a beautiful location.

You can have everything from a traditional romantic wedding surrounded by trees or overlooking the falls to a unique intimate ceremony in an air trolly over the Niagara Gorge. If that isn't good enough how about being married surrounded by butterflies or in their amazing floral showcase? I was told about a wedding that will be happening there soon where the bride is arriving on horseback. The staff is dedicated and absolutely not afraid to work with each individual couple to create the wedding that is right for them.

Gorge The Air Trolly over the Niagara Gorge where a couple will be married this summer. In this picture are myself with Sue, the Airtrolly operator, Tiana from the Niagara Parks Commission, and Selena Jamieson from Events...I Do! Photo taken by Gregory Jamieson.

I highly recommend everyone take a look at the Niagara Parks Commission web site to see many of the amazing venues they have to offer brides. Let me assure you each venue also has amazing food. Each has it's own unique features. One of the other things I love is their generous willingness to open up all aspects of the park to accommodate the desires of each couple. Can you imagine providing your guests with favours bought at the Niagara Falls gift shop? Not only can you do that; but the price is very reasonable. Gift shops have really improved over the years so there are some lovely items to choose from. They also make available the services of their famous candy shop Pop & Lollies. If a bride and groom wanted to create a Willy Wonka experience for their guests Pop & Lollies is definitely the place to go. It's the ultimate Candy Buffet. If providing the wares of the entire store is a bit out of reach how about allowing them to set up a Chocolate bar where staff will assist your guests in creating their very own custom chocolate bars? Still to much? How about providing your guests with especially made monogrammed hard candies created specifically for your wedding? It seems elaborate; but it's really not.

I could try to explain each venue myself; but it's really something that needs to be experienced. Maybe I'm a bit geeky for getting so excited about wedding venues; but hey I'm a weddings and event planner; wouldn't you be worried if I didn't have venues that I loved? If you're contemplating a wedding in the area give me a call. I'll hook you up with the best wedding you could ever imagine. With help from the wonderful staff of the Niagara Parks Commission of course. Best of all; compared to some Toronto prices a wedding at one of the Niagara Parks venues is cost-efficient.

For more details on how I can help make your Niagara Parks wedding dreams come true call 416-251-3278 or e-mail


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