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Oh Sweet Swag Bag

Tomorrow night marks the opening of the 2010 Angus Glen Bridal Show. Mindless Sophistication will be there with bells on.

As many of you know raffles are a common thing found at bridal shows and Mindless Sophistication is no different. We will be offering a swag bag of goodies valued at $1800. This swag bag almost didn't happen because my intention all along was to donate a Stuart Weitzman handbag in Mindless Sophistication blue that came from my very own collection. Don't worry; I have never used this bag and don't anticipate ever using it. It's a hard colour to match up. Why was this a problem do you ask? Well you see gentle reader; I'm a designer handbag-a-holic.

I admit it. I have a handbag problem. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE designer handbags. When my boyfriend does something wrong I rank it in handbags; "Oh, honey this is a Chanel level offense" or "Oh no, you've really done it this time buster. Not even a Hermes Birkin can get you out of this mess." You get the point.

Anyway, my handbag disease got the best of me. Although I will never wear this bag I just couldn't go through with giving it away. I almost ditched the swag bag idea. I tried to be strong; but I just couldn't do it.

I started to think about what designer handbag could I use for this swag that I wouldn't want to keep. It had to be something from a design house I would NEVER want to own. Something cheap enough that I would NEVER want to be have one. I won't mention the design house I came up with because many, MANY people love their products. I do not wish to offend those people. Well the brand I came up with wasn't an option either. Why on earth would I give away a bag that I myself wouldn't own. Well the answer is that I wouldn't. So you won't be seeing that brand this weekend at our booth.

Thankfully tonight the problem was solved. My good friends at Michael Kors have supplied me with a beautiful gold handbag to give away to some very lucky bride. There are rules attached to this give-a-way. Firstly, I'm not allowed to look at this bag more then I absolutely have to. At the moment it's safely hidden in it's dust-cover. No matter how tempted I get to keep this spectacular bag; it MUST be given to the winner of the Mindless Sophistication Swag Bag Raffle being held at Angus Glen Golf Club this weekend.

It's going to be hard; but I can do it. I envy the winner of this bag. It's so lovely. The winner of this raffle will not only receive my envy and a gorgous Michael Kors hand bag; but they will also recieve:

1 Tin of Godiva dark chocolate pearls
1 One free day of coordination compliments of Mindless Sophistication
1 Mikasa wine bottle stopper
1 Swaravski crystal heart pendant necklace
1 Free massage compliments of Shape Health and Wellness
1 Free personal training session compliments of Shape Health and Wellness again.

Combine those items with the Michael Kors handbag and that's some great swag. I invite everyone to come to the Angus Glen Bridal Show this February 19th and 20th in Markham, Ontario. Please stop by the Mindless Sophistication booth. We're booth #38. As an added bonus we will be printing out personal contact information labels for anyone wishing not to strain their hands as they enter all the fabulous raffles.

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