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Not Just Wedding Planners; We're Virtuoso Travel Advisers Too

I'm really excited to announce to everyone that Mindless Sophistication Events has joined forces with Vision 2000 Travel Group which is one of the top five Virtuoso member travel agencies in the world. So as well as planning weddings we now have the ability to book travel. This will make the entire process of planning a destination wedding easier for our clients.

If you don't know what Virtuoso is let me tell you. They are an invitation only travel designation that is granted to only the top travel companies. 1% of travel agencies in the world have been invited to join and since Vision 2000 is in the top 5 of that top 1% I don't have to tell you that means they are the best of the best.

Clients who book travel will receive extra benefits at some of the VERY best luxury properties, cruise lines, airlines, etc. around the world. Through Virtuoso and Vision 2000 clients will now have access to luxury products that other travel advisers can't offer. A great example is that only Virtuoso advisers have access to selling Virgin Galactic flights. Could you imagine a vow renewal in space?

I'm still planning weddings both locally and internationally through my own company Mindless Sophistication Events and am looking forward to offering this new service to my planning clients; but am not limited travel booking to only Mindless Sophistication Events Clients. I am looking forward to working with other wedding planners to them book their clients travel. This is a win, win situation since we all speak the same wedding planner language. I'm backed up by an amazing team of travel professionals to help me serve all our clients.

Additionally, Vision 2000 has some great value added incentives that they offer clients; such as a free custom wedding web site with an online wedding registry. Couples booking their honeymoon without having a destination wedding receive a registry as well. Feel free to ask me about the complete list of value added benefits that Vision 2000 offers wedding couples and groups. I really believe that when it comes to destination wedding clients it's important to work with a travel adviser who can not only service the clients travel needs; but also understands the wedding industry. I hope that you all agree.

Vision 2000 has also supplied me with an online travel booking web site for general travel purposes. Feel free to check it out at Vision 2000 Travel Group - My Site and/or drop me a line. I look forward to sharing this new travel adventure with everyone.


Are You Planning To Propose Marriage?

Engagement Photo by ©Jenny Rollo

Traditionally December has been a time when people celebrate holidays and everything else that is good in their lives. So what better time of year then to surprise your beloved with a marriage proposal? Between the December holidays and Valentines Day is traditionally the busiest time of year for proposing marriage. If you're thinking of taking this step, here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Don't get overwhelmed by focusing on making this the most romantic, most special, life altering moment of your soon fiance's life. If you set an impossible goal it leaves to much room for things to go wrong. Chances are she'll be happy no matter what.

2. Talk about marriage before you propose so you know she's open to the idea. Surprises are great; but for example, if you've only known her a month there is a good chance she'll think you're moving to fast.

3. If you plan to ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement find out if she's willing to sign one before you propose. Don't waste a proposal on someone who doesn't want to protect you or herself in the case things go wrong. There is nothing worse then waiting until it's to late to find out she won't sign. It is also less threatening to discuss it before the engagement.

4. Have a plan for how you will propose. It doesn't have to be a fancy plan; but decide where you will do it, what you will say, etc.

5. If you plan to buy a ring take a friend or relative along who knows her really well. They can help you choose something she would like.

6. Don't play around with guessing her ring size or measuring her finger when she's asleep. Borrow a ring you know fits; but she never wears and bring it with you to the store. It won't take long for them to determine the size. You can return it immediately without her noticing.

7. If the thought of planning a proposal makes you anxious hire a professional. Some wedding planners also offer proposal planning. Another benefit to this is that when the time comes to plan the wedding you already know if you "click" with that wedding planner or if you should keep looking.

8. I know this sounds old fashioned; but out of respect for the parents consider asking the fathers permission. If you are really modern you might want to ask permission from both parents.

9. If romance isn't your thing consider proposing on a weekend getaway or vacation. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed to make something feel special and/or romantic.

10. However you choose to propose; have fun with it and consider her personality. This shouldn't be a scary time. This is a happy time so focus on the happiness.


The Cutest Muppet Wedding Proposal

As an event planner who also plans marriage proposals I wish I could take credit for this amazingly touching Muppet inspired wedding proposal; but it was created by photographer Sid Ceaser (that's his real name) for his now fiance, Sara. I love this kind of creativity.

On December 12, 2010 Sara was sitting in a movie theater in New Hampshire. After watching two trailers this touching video marriage proposal came on the screen. As the Muppet Sid pulled out the ring to propose to Muppet Sara the real Sid did the same. Both Muppet and real Sara said yes.


Our New Web site

We've been going through a complete re-branding as you can see by the changes in how the blog looks.

The new re-branded web site is up. Please take a look. The new web site.

We've also hosting a Bridaluxe store where you can get everything from free wedding web sites, invitations, bling, etc. Pretty much anything you need to purchase to make your wedding a success you can find in this online marketplace. Bridaluxe hosts American companies so shipping might be an issue with some products. Companies like can help you with that

Feel free to visit the Bridaluxe store.


Soul Blogger - Shana Tova & Happy New Year

In the spirit of the Jewish High Holidays being just around the corner here's a fun little video from the good people at

To all my fellow Jews I wish you all a Shana Tova, a sweet New Year, an easy fast (if you fast) and everything else in life that is good. To all the non-Jews you there I wish you all the best in life too. It's going to be a great New Year.

Enjoy the video,



HST is going to be painful for couples planning their weddings. That's why for the rest of the 2010 wedding season Mindless Sophistication will be covering the HST on all our non-travel related services. We can't control what other vendors do; but we wanted to make things a tiny bit easier on our wonderful couples.

This offer is valid on all Canadian based wedding/event planning, hourly consulting, day of coordination and our exclusive Wedding Concierge service.

You relax and let us worry about the tax man.


Niagara Falls is an unexpected Destination Wedding location

One of my greatest passions in life is traveling. I fully admit that I am not the type to stay on a beach resort lounging around. I like to discover the unique aspects of every country and culture. As a weddings and event planner there is nothing better then being able to combine my love of travel with my love of creating a fabulous event that people will remember for years.

Canadian planners sometimes forget the natural wonders we have in our own backyard. While Canadians are flying off to places like Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Vegas to have destination weddings many people are recognizing Canada as a dream destination location. Banff, Lake Louise, and Mont Tremblant are all amazing locations that people from all over the world travel to in order to get married.

A destination a little closer to home; for me at least; is Niagara Falls. Yes, I said it, Niagara Falls. You know, the place with the giant waterfall and then you turn around and "OH NO, WELL ISN'T THAT TACKY". For years the image below is what I thought of when I thought about Niagara Falls, Canada. Add some hotels, a couple of Casino's, an indoor water-park, a lot of American restaurant chains that oddly enough you can't find anywhere else in Canada and you have a virtual theme park created years ago to lure tourists to the Canadian side of the border.


Imagine my relief a few months ago when I was reminded that Niagara Falls, Canada has so much more to offer then the picture seen above. I actually did know there was an amazing park run by the Niagara Parks Commission. I knew there was a butterfly conservatory, a couple of enchanting golf clubs, a hot springs, and I knew the amazing history that surrounds the region. I guess living in Canada I knew all these things; but took it for granted so it wasn't top of mind. As an events planner I have a renewed enthusiasm for the place. I'm now in love with the venue's owned by the Niagara Parks Commission. I'm also in love with the the range of weddings that can be created in such a beautiful location.

You can have everything from a traditional romantic wedding surrounded by trees or overlooking the falls to a unique intimate ceremony in an air trolly over the Niagara Gorge. If that isn't good enough how about being married surrounded by butterflies or in their amazing floral showcase? I was told about a wedding that will be happening there soon where the bride is arriving on horseback. The staff is dedicated and absolutely not afraid to work with each individual couple to create the wedding that is right for them.

Gorge The Air Trolly over the Niagara Gorge where a couple will be married this summer. In this picture are myself with Sue, the Airtrolly operator, Tiana from the Niagara Parks Commission, and Selena Jamieson from Events...I Do! Photo taken by Gregory Jamieson.

I highly recommend everyone take a look at the Niagara Parks Commission web site to see many of the amazing venues they have to offer brides. Let me assure you each venue also has amazing food. Each has it's own unique features. One of the other things I love is their generous willingness to open up all aspects of the park to accommodate the desires of each couple. Can you imagine providing your guests with favours bought at the Niagara Falls gift shop? Not only can you do that; but the price is very reasonable. Gift shops have really improved over the years so there are some lovely items to choose from. They also make available the services of their famous candy shop Pop & Lollies. If a bride and groom wanted to create a Willy Wonka experience for their guests Pop & Lollies is definitely the place to go. It's the ultimate Candy Buffet. If providing the wares of the entire store is a bit out of reach how about allowing them to set up a Chocolate bar where staff will assist your guests in creating their very own custom chocolate bars? Still to much? How about providing your guests with especially made monogrammed hard candies created specifically for your wedding? It seems elaborate; but it's really not.

I could try to explain each venue myself; but it's really something that needs to be experienced. Maybe I'm a bit geeky for getting so excited about wedding venues; but hey I'm a weddings and event planner; wouldn't you be worried if I didn't have venues that I loved? If you're contemplating a wedding in the area give me a call. I'll hook you up with the best wedding you could ever imagine. With help from the wonderful staff of the Niagara Parks Commission of course. Best of all; compared to some Toronto prices a wedding at one of the Niagara Parks venues is cost-efficient.

For more details on how I can help make your Niagara Parks wedding dreams come true call 416-251-3278 or e-mail


Booking Travel

I've created a quick 10 question survey on booking travel and destination weddings. Could you please take 30 seconds out of your day and share with me your responses.

Click here to take survey

I thank you in advance for all your help.



Ketubahs - A Jewish Marriage Contract

As many of you know an added element to a Jewish wedding is that both parties sign a marriage contract called a Ketubah. What you may not know is what on earth does all those funny looking words in another language mean. Ketubahs are actually written in Aramaic so many brides and grooms have no idea what they are signing either.

Below is a very rough translation of what this document says. When I was in school the ketubah class actually taught about 2 goats also being part of the divorce settlement. I didn't see that in the text that was translated. Which is a shame because I have always loved the idea of my husband being forced to give me a goat.

The blank lines are usually filled by hand by the Rabbi and the groom during the wedding, including the names of the couple, the date and location of the wedding, and the signatures of the witnesses. It's important to note that a non-virgin would be promised half the amount mentioned. Someone from a distinguished (such as the daughter of a king, a priest, or the tribe of Levi) family would be offered more.

Translation of the Orthodox Ketubah text

On the ______day of the week, the _________day of the month ______ in the year five thousand seven hundred and ______ since the creation of the world, the era according to which we reckon here in the city of _________________ that ________ son of _________ said to this (virgin) _________daughter of _____.

"Be my wife according to the practice of Moses and Israel, and I will cherish, honor, support and maintain you in accordance with the custom of Jewish husbands who cherish, honor, support and maintain their wives faithfully. And I here present you with the marriage gift of (virgins), (two hundred) silver zuzim, which belongs to you, according the the law of Moses and Israel; and I will also give you your food, clothing and necessities, and live with you as husband and wife according to universal custom." And Miss_____, this (virgin) consented and became his wife. The trousseau that she brought to him from her (father's) house in silver, gold, valuables, clothing, furniture and bedclothes, all this ________, the said bridegroom accepted in the sum of (one hundred ) silver pieces, and ______ the bridegroom, consented to increase this amount from his own property with the sum of (one hundred) silver pieces, making in all (two hundred) silver pieces. And thus said __________, the bridegroom: "The responsibility of this marriage contract, of this trousseau, and of this additional sum, I take upon myself and my heirs after me, so that they shall be paid from the best part of my property and possession that I have beneath the whole heaven, that which I now possess or may hereafter acquire. All my property, real and personal, even the shirt from my back, shall be mortgaged to secure the payment of this marriage contract, of the trousseau, and of the addition made to it, during my lifetime and after my death, from the present day and forever." _______, the bridegroom, has taken upon himself the responsibility of this marriage contract, of the trousseau and the addition made to it, according to the restrictive usages of all marriage contracts and the additions to them made for the daughters of Israel, according to the institution of our sages of blessed memory. It is not to be regarded as a mere forfeiture without consideration or as a mere formula of a document. We have followed the legal formality of symbolic delivery (kinyan) between ______the son of _______, the bridegroom and _______ the daughter of _______ this (virgin), and we have used a garment legally fit for the purpose, to strengthen all that is stated above, and everything is valid and confirmed.

Attested to________________________ Witness
Attested to________________________ Witness

Conservatives and Reforms often choose to include something called the Lieberman Clause. (in Jewish law a divorce can only be granted if the husband agrees; so this is a VERY important clause that gets around that problem.

The Conservative and reform Text uses the same text as the Orthodox (as shown above), but adds at the end a paragraph. This additional clause translates as:

And both together agreed that if this marriage shall ever be dissolved under civil law, then either husband or wife may invoke the authority of the Beth Din of the Rabbinical Assembly and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America or its duly authorized representatives, to decide what action by either spouse is then appropriate under Jewish matrimonial law; and if either spouse shall fail to honor the demand of the other or to carry out the decision of the Beth Din or its representative, then the other spouse may invoke any and all remedies available in civil law and equity to enforce compliance with the Beth Din's decision and this solemn obligation.


Angus Glen Bridal Show

I just thought I would share a couple of pictures of the Mindless Sophistication table at this weekends bridal show that was held at the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham, Ontario. The venue was great. I met lot's of amazing brides and vendors. I wish I had time to take photo's during the show but; that shows you what a great event it was.

The booth was designed by the talented Carol Rame. She absolutely captured the essence of what Mindless Sophistication stands for. The materials used were all top quality. The design was elegant. She was able to blend my functional items; such as computer and banners with a design that was mindlessly sophisticated.

We accepted raffle entries for a draw to take place later this week. The prize is a beautiful Michael Kors handbag that is filled with:

- Godiva dark chocolate pearls
- A Complimentary Day of Coordination from Mindless Sophistication
- A gift certificate for a complimentary massage & personal training sessionc at the exclusive Shape Health & Wellness in Toronto
-Mikasa wine bottle stopper
- Swaravski crystal heart pendant necklace


Oh Sweet Swag Bag

Tomorrow night marks the opening of the 2010 Angus Glen Bridal Show. Mindless Sophistication will be there with bells on.

As many of you know raffles are a common thing found at bridal shows and Mindless Sophistication is no different. We will be offering a swag bag of goodies valued at $1800. This swag bag almost didn't happen because my intention all along was to donate a Stuart Weitzman handbag in Mindless Sophistication blue that came from my very own collection. Don't worry; I have never used this bag and don't anticipate ever using it. It's a hard colour to match up. Why was this a problem do you ask? Well you see gentle reader; I'm a designer handbag-a-holic.

I admit it. I have a handbag problem. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE designer handbags. When my boyfriend does something wrong I rank it in handbags; "Oh, honey this is a Chanel level offense" or "Oh no, you've really done it this time buster. Not even a Hermes Birkin can get you out of this mess." You get the point.

Anyway, my handbag disease got the best of me. Although I will never wear this bag I just couldn't go through with giving it away. I almost ditched the swag bag idea. I tried to be strong; but I just couldn't do it.

I started to think about what designer handbag could I use for this swag that I wouldn't want to keep. It had to be something from a design house I would NEVER want to own. Something cheap enough that I would NEVER want to be have one. I won't mention the design house I came up with because many, MANY people love their products. I do not wish to offend those people. Well the brand I came up with wasn't an option either. Why on earth would I give away a bag that I myself wouldn't own. Well the answer is that I wouldn't. So you won't be seeing that brand this weekend at our booth.

Thankfully tonight the problem was solved. My good friends at Michael Kors have supplied me with a beautiful gold handbag to give away to some very lucky bride. There are rules attached to this give-a-way. Firstly, I'm not allowed to look at this bag more then I absolutely have to. At the moment it's safely hidden in it's dust-cover. No matter how tempted I get to keep this spectacular bag; it MUST be given to the winner of the Mindless Sophistication Swag Bag Raffle being held at Angus Glen Golf Club this weekend.

It's going to be hard; but I can do it. I envy the winner of this bag. It's so lovely. The winner of this raffle will not only receive my envy and a gorgous Michael Kors hand bag; but they will also recieve:

1 Tin of Godiva dark chocolate pearls
1 One free day of coordination compliments of Mindless Sophistication
1 Mikasa wine bottle stopper
1 Swaravski crystal heart pendant necklace
1 Free massage compliments of Shape Health and Wellness
1 Free personal training session compliments of Shape Health and Wellness again.

Combine those items with the Michael Kors handbag and that's some great swag. I invite everyone to come to the Angus Glen Bridal Show this February 19th and 20th in Markham, Ontario. Please stop by the Mindless Sophistication booth. We're booth #38. As an added bonus we will be printing out personal contact information labels for anyone wishing not to strain their hands as they enter all the fabulous raffles.


Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum 12th Annual Classic City Bridal Show

This morning while surfing the web I came across a media release for a bridal show being held in Auburn, Indiana today. What makes this bridal show stand out to a wedding planner in Canada is that it's being held at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum. Growing up I literally spent every Labor Day Weekend at that museum so it really holds a special place in my heart. I'm very lucky I didn't come across this press release sooner or I'd be in my car headed to Indiana. I can't make it this year; but if you happen to be in the area please stop by. Admission is only $5. It really would be a lovely place to host a wedding. The stair case that sweeps down into the grand hall would make the perfect entrance for any bridal party. I've included the media release below.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum 12th Annual Classic City Bridal Show


NEWS RELEASE - 01/12/10

For Immediate Release
CONTACT: Kendra Klink, Operations Director

January - 2010
260-925-1444 /

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum hosts 12th Annual Classic City
Bridal Show January 31, 2010

(AUBURN) - The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum's Classic City
Bridal Show is almost here. The bridal show attracts couples from the
tri-state area who are planning their dream weddings.

The Twelfth Annual Classic City Bridal Show will showcase products and
services ranging from lodging and travel, party planning and suppliers,
photographers, videographers, cake suppliers, caterers, entertainment hosts,
jewelers, clothiers, florists and decorating services, financial services
and other wedding-related products and services. The bridal show will be
held at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum on Sunday, January 31,
from noon until 5 p.m.

Admission to the show is $5 per person, which includes admission to the
museum's galleries. The annual bridal show will feature a professionally
produced runway fashion show at 1 p.m. and again at 3 p.m. in the Main
Showroom. Jeannette from WAJI Majic 95.1 FM's "Majic in the Morning" show
from will emcee the fashion shows. The fashion shows will include dress and
tuxedo shops, and floral shops.

Those attending the Classic City Bridal Show may also check out the Auburn
Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum as a possible venue to host their upcoming
weddings, receptions or rehearsal dinners. The museum's banquet and
conference center accommodates events up to 500. The museum hosts many
affordable and memorable weddings and receptions each year. A museum staff
member will be on hand during the bridal show to answer questions, give
additional information, and check date availability for those interested.

WAJI Majic 95.1 FM is a sponsor for this year's Classic City Bridal Show.

Tickets for the Classic City Bridal Show may be purchased the day of the
show. Those planning to attend may also go online to to print out a
Classic City Bridal Show flyer that is good for four free admissions. Free
passes are available at participating vendors.

Museum Corporate Member Sponsors include: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival,
Inc.; Auburn Inn; Betz Senior Living Campus; Brown & Brown Insurance Agency,
Inc.; Campbell & Fetter Bank; Community State Bank; DeKalb Financial Credit
Union; Do it Best Corp.; Douglas Morrow O.D.; Eaton Corporation; Gary A.
Scheumann, D.D.S. P.C.; Gene Davenport Investments, LLC; Goeglein's
Catering; Hampton Industrial Services, Inc.; Icon International; Joyce
Hefty, State Farm Insurance; MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc.; Mefford, Weber
and Blythe, PC; National City Bank Fort Wayne; Obsidian Enterprises;
Petroleum Traders Corporation; Steel Dynamics, Inc.; Therma-Tru Corp.; The
Hicksville Bank; Valenti Classics; and Wells Fargo. We appreciate all that
our sponsors support.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum - where the world's finest cars
of yesterday live today! Over 120 classic, antique, vintage and special
interest cars are displayed with other automotive related exhibits on three
floors. The museum is located in the original 1930s national headquarters of
the legendary Auburn Automobile Company and is a National Historic Landmark.
Admission is charged, with group and family rates available. The museum is
open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. year round. In 2010, plan a visit and bring
your family to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, a place where
automotive history comes to life!

Kendra Klink
Operations Director
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

Accredited by the American Association of Museums
1600 South Wayne Street
P.O. Box 271
Auburn, Indiana 46706
Office: (260) 925-1444 x 32
Fax: (260) 925-6266


15 things to help your out-of-town wedding guests feel welcome

I truly believe that when you invite a guest to a wedding you should be treating them with the same hospitality that you would give them if you had invited them into your own home. With out-of-town guests this concept becomes even more important as you have not only invited them to your wedding; but they were kind enough to travel to a far off location to attend. I've compiled a list of 15 nice gestures that can be made to help your out-of-town guests enjoy their stay more.

1. Get a group rate at a nice hotel. This way they can all be together, mingle, and when you visit them they are all in one location.

2. Host a special out-of-town guests dinner to welcome them to your city/town.

3. Book a hospitality suite in the hotel the majority of guests are staying at. Fill it with snacks, drinks, magazines, newspapers, games for the kids, etc.

4. Hire a shuttle bus to take them to and from the wedding.

5. Offer them the opportunity to take a tour of the place they are visiting.

6. Create a welcome package that includes maps, information on local attractions, restaurant recommendations, and anything else you think they might find useful. Arrange with the hotel to have this package waiting for them in their room when they arrive.

7. Arrange for a gift basket or gift bag to be waiting in their hotel room.

8. Write them each a hand written card before they come to tell them how excited you are they will be traveling to attend your wedding.

9. If possible pay for all airline or hotel bills. Nobody expects this; but it is a very polite thing to do if you can afford it.

10. Purchase carbon credits in the guests name as a thank you for flying in to attend your wedding. This helps the environment and shows the guest how truly welcome they are. Have a card waiting for them in the hotel room saying "In honor of your joining us for our wedding we have off-set your travel by purchasing carbon credits in your name".

11. Host a little mix and mingle cocktail party in the hotel on the night your guests are arriving.

12. Get a hold of some discount coupon books for local attractions, shopping, and restaurants that your guests can use during their stay.

13. If you live in a city that is involved in the CityPass program then purchase them one. This will get them into various museums and attractions free.

14. Let the concierge at their hotel know the details of your wedding; such as where you are registered, the time-line, and where it is being held. This way if guests have questions the hotel staff is prepared with the answers.

15. if you live in the Greater Toronto Area area hire a Wedding Concierge® by Mindless Sophistication to oversea many of the above mentioned tasks and to field other requests your guests might have during their stay. A Concierge will personally be on call for your guests during their stay. Wedding Concierge® will be expanding to other cities so please be sure to ask if it's arrived in your city yet.


Why use a Certified Destination Wedding Planner for my pre-packaged destination wedding?

One question I get a lot from couples looking to book a pre-packaged destination wedding is why should we book through a wedding planner instead of a travel agent? That is a very good question and I must admit if I wasn’t a wedding planner it’s a question I would also ask.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be using a certified destination wedding planner to book your pre-packaged wedding.

1.) We understand weddings. We can look at a resorts pre-packaged wedding and tell you if it’s a good fit for you. We understand weddings enough to properly work with the resort for any additions that might be needed.
2.) We often take trips to visit the locations just like your travel agent would. So we know the cities, countries, and hotels too.
3.) More importantly when we visit a location we are touring the wedding sites, reviewing the wedding d├ęcor offered, checking out the wedding menu’s. We'll even taste the cake if they allow us too. We’re focusing on the big day for our clients as well as the other services and accommodations. We're asking what extra's we can get thrown in for our couples and what are the legalities involved in getting married there. We know the questions to ask that a travel agent might not think of.
4.) We usually don’t have other travel customers. So we’re working exclusively on booking you the best wedding with your wedding day in mind.
5.) We have a special relationship with the resorts. They know us as wedding planners so they know the clients we send are there for a very special reason. This means they will sometimes include a little extra surprise for the couple.
6.) We've received special training in the destination wedding industry and should meet all the legal requirements to offer advice and sell wedding packages.
7.) And lastly, if a pre-packaged wedding isn’t a good fit for you. We know how to plan you a customized wedding. We’re wedding planners. We plan weddings. That is what we do.

Whether you choose a customized destination wedding or a pre-packaged destination wedding please consider using a Certified Destination Wedding specialist. You won’t be sorry.


Treat your wedding guests like royalty by hiring a Wedding Concierge®

Mindless Sophistication Wedding & Event Planning is pleased to announce our new premiere service Wedding Concierge®.

Wedding Concierge® is the first full service concierge service in Canada directed towards wedding parties. We created this service because we believe that when a wedding couple invites a guest to their wedding they wish them to be treated with the same hospitality they would receive if they had invited them to their home for a small dinner party.

Wedding Concierge® will mainly be used by couples to aid in making their out-of-town guests visit more comfortable; but concierges can also attend the wedding to assist all guests. A typical Wedding Concierge® could make hotel reservations, dinner reservations, book tours, arrange for transportation, supply information on major attractions around the city. We like to think of our concierges as wish-makers. As long as a request is legal our concierges will do their best to make it happen.

Wedding Concierge® can be booked either on a daily basis or as a complete package leading up to the wedding. Wedding Concierge® has been legally trademarked as a service with the federal government as a service to assure exclusivity for our clients. Other trademarks have been applied for and are pending internationally.

If you're interested in pampering your guests consider hiring one of our professionally trained concierges. This new service won't be limited to only the Toronto area. We're in the midst of hiring and training concierges in other select locations. Feel free to contact me to find out if Wedding Concierge® is available in your city yet.

For more information visit