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Why use a Certified Destination Wedding Planner for my pre-packaged destination wedding?

One question I get a lot from couples looking to book a pre-packaged destination wedding is why should we book through a wedding planner instead of a travel agent? That is a very good question and I must admit if I wasn’t a wedding planner it’s a question I would also ask.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be using a certified destination wedding planner to book your pre-packaged wedding.

1.) We understand weddings. We can look at a resorts pre-packaged wedding and tell you if it’s a good fit for you. We understand weddings enough to properly work with the resort for any additions that might be needed.
2.) We often take trips to visit the locations just like your travel agent would. So we know the cities, countries, and hotels too.
3.) More importantly when we visit a location we are touring the wedding sites, reviewing the wedding décor offered, checking out the wedding menu’s. We'll even taste the cake if they allow us too. We’re focusing on the big day for our clients as well as the other services and accommodations. We're asking what extra's we can get thrown in for our couples and what are the legalities involved in getting married there. We know the questions to ask that a travel agent might not think of.
4.) We usually don’t have other travel customers. So we’re working exclusively on booking you the best wedding with your wedding day in mind.
5.) We have a special relationship with the resorts. They know us as wedding planners so they know the clients we send are there for a very special reason. This means they will sometimes include a little extra surprise for the couple.
6.) We've received special training in the destination wedding industry and should meet all the legal requirements to offer advice and sell wedding packages.
7.) And lastly, if a pre-packaged wedding isn’t a good fit for you. We know how to plan you a customized wedding. We’re wedding planners. We plan weddings. That is what we do.

Whether you choose a customized destination wedding or a pre-packaged destination wedding please consider using a Certified Destination Wedding specialist. You won’t be sorry.


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