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Treat your wedding guests like royalty by hiring a Wedding Concierge®

Mindless Sophistication Wedding & Event Planning is pleased to announce our new premiere service Wedding Concierge®.

Wedding Concierge® is the first full service concierge service in Canada directed towards wedding parties. We created this service because we believe that when a wedding couple invites a guest to their wedding they wish them to be treated with the same hospitality they would receive if they had invited them to their home for a small dinner party.

Wedding Concierge® will mainly be used by couples to aid in making their out-of-town guests visit more comfortable; but concierges can also attend the wedding to assist all guests. A typical Wedding Concierge® could make hotel reservations, dinner reservations, book tours, arrange for transportation, supply information on major attractions around the city. We like to think of our concierges as wish-makers. As long as a request is legal our concierges will do their best to make it happen.

Wedding Concierge® can be booked either on a daily basis or as a complete package leading up to the wedding. Wedding Concierge® has been legally trademarked as a service with the federal government as a service to assure exclusivity for our clients. Other trademarks have been applied for and are pending internationally.

If you're interested in pampering your guests consider hiring one of our professionally trained concierges. This new service won't be limited to only the Toronto area. We're in the midst of hiring and training concierges in other select locations. Feel free to contact me to find out if Wedding Concierge® is available in your city yet.

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