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Are You Planning To Propose Marriage?

Engagement Photo by ©Jenny Rollo

Traditionally December has been a time when people celebrate holidays and everything else that is good in their lives. So what better time of year then to surprise your beloved with a marriage proposal? Between the December holidays and Valentines Day is traditionally the busiest time of year for proposing marriage. If you're thinking of taking this step, here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Don't get overwhelmed by focusing on making this the most romantic, most special, life altering moment of your soon fiance's life. If you set an impossible goal it leaves to much room for things to go wrong. Chances are she'll be happy no matter what.

2. Talk about marriage before you propose so you know she's open to the idea. Surprises are great; but for example, if you've only known her a month there is a good chance she'll think you're moving to fast.

3. If you plan to ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement find out if she's willing to sign one before you propose. Don't waste a proposal on someone who doesn't want to protect you or herself in the case things go wrong. There is nothing worse then waiting until it's to late to find out she won't sign. It is also less threatening to discuss it before the engagement.

4. Have a plan for how you will propose. It doesn't have to be a fancy plan; but decide where you will do it, what you will say, etc.

5. If you plan to buy a ring take a friend or relative along who knows her really well. They can help you choose something she would like.

6. Don't play around with guessing her ring size or measuring her finger when she's asleep. Borrow a ring you know fits; but she never wears and bring it with you to the store. It won't take long for them to determine the size. You can return it immediately without her noticing.

7. If the thought of planning a proposal makes you anxious hire a professional. Some wedding planners also offer proposal planning. Another benefit to this is that when the time comes to plan the wedding you already know if you "click" with that wedding planner or if you should keep looking.

8. I know this sounds old fashioned; but out of respect for the parents consider asking the fathers permission. If you are really modern you might want to ask permission from both parents.

9. If romance isn't your thing consider proposing on a weekend getaway or vacation. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed to make something feel special and/or romantic.

10. However you choose to propose; have fun with it and consider her personality. This shouldn't be a scary time. This is a happy time so focus on the happiness.

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