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The Goring Hotel for your own Royal Wedding or Honeymoon

Last year was a year of celebration for The Goring Hotel in London, England. Last March marked 100 years since the Goring family opened the doors of this famed hotel. It's been run by the Goring family ever since.

The celebrations of it's 100th birthday might be over; but the reasons to celebrate are still going strong. It's rumored that the Royal family has rented out the entire hotel for the exclusive use of guests attending Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's wedding. Now I don't know if this is true. I'm certainly not going to turn this blog into a gossip column so unless someone from the Royal family telephones me directly to tell me this news I'm keeping it in the rumour pile.

What isn't rumoured is that The Goring Hotel will have something to celebrate this year beyond a Royal Wedding. Jeremy Goring has commissioned well known designer Russell Sage to convert the entire 5th floor of his hotel into one giant suite. This suite will be named the Royal Suite

The new suite will consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a drawing room, and a study/dining room which will hold a baby grand piano. It's expected that Sage's design will stay true to his previous work for The Goring Hotel in that it will be contemporary with rich historical influences. Sage will design each piece of furniture himself using British craftsmen to construct them. Gainsborough silk will be used on the walls, as well as hand-painted wallpaper from Fromenthal. The smallest room; nicknamed the Throne Room will be completely lined in silk.

The new Royal Suite will be available for rental to the public in May, 2011.  It's also good to note that the Goring Hotel is a Virtuoso property so guests booking through a Virtuoso travel adviser receive extra benefits. If you are looking for old world charm The Goring is a wonderful place to host a wedding.

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