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The LEGO Love Boat

Princess Cruises is probably one of the most famous brand of cruise ships around. If you don't know Princess then chances are really good you know it's alter ego The Love Boat.

The 1970's hit television show Love Boat sparked a renewed interest in cruising that is still going strong. Maybe it's my age; but this morning I was pleased to discover an article on World Tourism News that brought back fond childhood memories.

Australian native Ryan McNaught has built a replica of the original Love Boat out of LEGO. It measures 10.5 feet long and nearly 5 feet high. It's made from more than 250,000 LEGO bricks. This massive LEGO creation took 6 months to construct. One side of the ship duplicates the exterior. The other side is an open concept that displays the ships interior; complete with tiny LEGO versions of the shows cast. The only thing this LEGO ship is missing is a tiny little bride and groom. The Love Boat isn't only a place to find love. Princess Cruises have wedding packages too.

To view this ship visit McNaughts Flickr page which also includes examples of his other LEGO creations.

If you are interested in experiencing a bigger version of the Love Boat; Princess Cruises is holding a special three day sale which includes savings up to $1,000 per person, free balcony upgrades and up to $100 cash back on Mediterranean and Greek Isles cruises. The sale ends January 21, 2011. Feel free to contact me for details on this sale.


  1. Haha that's awesome! Now it just needs to float!

    Leigh Clements
    Shot In The Dark Mysteries

  2. This sounds really different and unique I'll be sure to check this out. Thank you.
    long island used boats