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Get Married 40 Feet Underwater

An example of an Underwater Wedding - Crystal Bay, Bali

You've seen the video's on Youtube; but does the idea of having your own underwater wedding sound to difficult to coordinate? Not anymore thanks to the Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa.

Scuba certified brides and grooms at the resort can now "take the plunge" 40 feet underwater with their new scuba wedding package. The ceremony takes place in the worlds second largest coral reef. The package includes ceremony, photography, scuba gear, the brides bouquet, a bottle of champagne, and a romantic dinner for two at the upscale Alfredo Di Roma Restaurant. It's the perfect mixture of romance and adventure.

If you're a couple who loves the beauty of marine life and you're looking for something a bit different this could be the perfect wedding package for you.

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